Bulk recycled woodchip for biomass fuel

Somerlap woodchip for biomassAt Somerlap Pallets we are always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. One way we’re helping the environment is by turning pallets into woodchip for biomass fuel. We even collect old and broken pallets from our customers, saving them the cost of waste skips.

How we make recycled woodchip

We make wood chip from pallets that can no longer be repaired. The wood is put into our wood shredder, a machine that chips the wood into very small pieces. This creates an affordable, environmentally-friendly fuel that can be used in biomass burners.

We have been using this process for over 14 years, and were one of the first companies to install this kind of equipment in the UK.

Recycled woodchip in numbers

  • The wood shredder can turn 30 tonnes of pallets into 30mm wood chip every week.
  • Each year we recycle up to 1500 tonnes of wood into wood chip.
  • First and foremost, it is used to power the drying kiln and heat the Somerlap workshop.
  • The remainder is sold in bulk as an affordable, sustainable fuel.
  • A small amount is sold for groundcover on Somerlap Forest Products.
  • We also recycle over 10 tonnes of scrap nails every year as part of this process.

Who uses our woodchip as fuel?

Our fuel is used by a number of local people and businesses to run their homes and business operations, including Ecochipp, who work with companies such as Chase Distillery. We also use it to heat the Somerlap workshop in Mark, Somerset.

BSL Authorised

Our wood chip is authorised by the Goverment’s Biofuel Suppliers List (BSL). BSL control all the supply of wood chip into the renewable energy market. To become authorised it needed to meet strict eligibility criteria and prove our wood meets sustainability requirements.

Purchase recycled woodchip

Want to purchase woodchip in bulk? Contact us for details.

Woodchip for biomass

The recycled wood chip (left) provides energy to operate our on-site kiln (middle) and workshop heating panels (right).

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