Old pallets heat Somerlap's workshops

Used pallets heat Somerlap's workshopsOld pallets can present a major problem for some businesses. To Somerlap they present a unique and environmentally friendly solution.

Somerlap are continually looking for new ways to work in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Some of our existing initiatives include:

Since 2013, Somerlap have ensured that none of the timber pallets that enter our site are wasted. Any used pallets that are beyond repair and cannot be reconditioned or restored are recycled into wood chips. These wood chips then start a new life as ground coverings or fuel.

Old pallets save money and energy

Thanks to an upgrade to our boiler and heater system, Somerlap now use the wood chips to heat our workshops. The workshops were previously heated by electric and diesel heaters, so we’re delighted that we’re now using recycled wood to heat our premises. 

By using waste wood to power our heating, we’re not only saving £2,000 a month on energy bills, but we’re using a much more sustainable energy source than fossil fuels. 

Old pallets fuel heating system

The pioneering, roof-mounted heating in Somerlap’s workshop. The entire system is fuelled by recycled old pallets which are chipped on site.

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