Pallet recycling service benefits Yeo Valley

Somerlap pallet recycling

In the mid-1990s Somerlap expanded their pallet recycling offering so that other businesses could benefit from this pioneering service. Instead of incurring a cost for throwing pallets away, businesses can now sell their broken or unwanted pallets to Somerlap, who will restore them to their former glory for re-use. Pallets which are beyond repair are put through Somerlap’s wood chipping machine and turned into fuel for their cutting-edge heating system and recycled ground cover.

This environmentally friendly service has the added advantage of creating an additional income stream for local companies, and one business which took advantage of the service was Blagdon based Yeo Valley. As a two-time winner of the Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development Somerlap’s service fitted well with its ethos, and also provided £30,000 of additional revenue in the first year.

Somerlap pallet recycling

Pallets awaiting reconditioning (left), the chipping area (centre) and recycled ground cover made from unrepairable pallets (right).

Recycling for Yeo valley

Yeo valley is a family-owned farming and dairy company based in Blagdon, Somerset. The business uses Somerlap’s pallet recycling service and is very aware of it’s benefits. As a spokesman explains, “Yeo Valley are happy to work with Somerlap as they provide a good service that flexes with our business needs to ensure that our old pallets are recycled or re-used. It is a great partnership as it benefits both parties, and ensures that used and or broken pallets do not go to waste.”

Kevin Bond, Managing Director of Somerlap, commented, “Since we began to offer the service it has grown gradually, as more customers realise the economic and environmental benefits it brings and welcome the professional and honest approach that Somerlap offer. Pallet recycling works and offers real cost benefits.”

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