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Our equipment

Storti Flex 50 pallet machine

Storti Flex 50 pallet equipment

Recent investments in pallet equipment include the Storti Flex 50 pallet machine. Made in Italy, the Storti is capable of nailing 70 boards per minute and seven pallets per minute. The Storti is a highly precise machine, to a single millimetre. It will only work if complete accuracy is achieved in the set-up process. Consequently, the Storti produces pallets continuously to perfect specification.

Viking machine


The two Viking machines are very productive, one man operation machines. The Viking is capable of manufacturing 600 two-way pallets every day.


Vanderloo pallet equipment

The Vanderloo is a brand new four-way pallet machine and the latest investment by Somerlap. The reliability and efficiency of the Vanderloo means it can produce a complete four-way pallet every thirty seconds with two operators.

Zerma wood chipper

Somerlap has offered a pallet collection service for many years, most of which are repaired and resold. Those which cannot be repaired are turned into woodchip. Our highly efficient wood chipper, upgraded in May 2018, weighs in at 14,500kg and is capable of producing 3,000kg of wood chip per hour. One key feature of the wood chipping process is a large magnet that is used to extract the metal elements once used to hold the pallets together. This scrap metal is also recycled, making the entire process even more environmentally friendly. The grade of the woodchip is 30mm, making it ideal for both biomass and groundcover. Somerlap’s kiln and factory heating are both powered by recycled wood chip.

Additionally, Somerlap is actively participating in the development of new markets for recycled wood. Somerlap’s willingness to recycle timber can be demonstrated by the company’s use of woodchip for energy. Further examples of our motivated efforts to achieve sustainability include the purchasing of composite pallet blocks which are used in the manufacture of new pallets; and the sale of log briquettes for fuel.

Storage facility


Our 5-acre site at Mark enables plenty of storage for pallets. Investment has included the installation of modern buildings, which enable the dry storage of all customer pallets and timber packaging. Somerlap can ensure customers’ pallets are stored undercover when required. Suitability for companies moving moisture-sensitive items can therefore be guaranteed. Reducing moisture in pallets is an important consideration in industries such as the food and packaging sectors.

Following an order, pallets can be quickly manufactured, ready for immediate delivery when required.



Our modern kiln operates by the burning of our own recycled woodchip. The kiln is capable of heat treating or drying 1000 pallets per cycle. The kiln ensures compatibility of timber with ISPM15 regulations, which then makes treated pallets ready for export around the world.

Benefits of kiln drying:

  • Our kiln facility ensures that kiln dried timber is controlled and inspected throughout the drying process.
  • When pallets are kiln dried, the reduction in moisture content means the weight is also reduced. Subsequently, kiln dried pallets cost less to transport around the world.
  • Reduces discolouration from mould staining.
  • Limits splits and movement associated with wet timber that air dries.