Which should you choose: new or reconditioned wooden pallets?

When it comes to buying pallets, there are a few options to consider. One of these is whether you should be buying brand new wooden pallets or reconditioned wooden pallets. We explore the matter in the blog below.

Why to choose new pallets

There are a number of reasons why buying brand new wooden pallets might be the smart choice for you. Our new pallets are made from sustainably sourced timber and, whilst they might be new at first purchase, they are highly recyclable. Whether you reuse the pallet or take the wood and turn it into something completely different, wooden pallets bought from new can be reused for many purposes.

If you need a custom built pallet designed for a specific purpose, new wooden pallets are often the way to go. At Somerlap, we offer a large number of standard pallets – but we can also adapt things where needed. New pallets can be made to any size you require, and our knowledgeable staff can help design a pallet tat would suit your needs if needed. We can also offer heat treated pallets to meet ISPM 15 regulations for exporting overseas.

New wooden pallets won’t have suffered any deterioration in quality from repeatedly carrying loads. If you have had them custom built for a specific purpose, you know that your new pallets won’t have any unnecessary features or fasteners.

Why to choose reconditioned pallets

It’s no secret that reusing and recycling where possible is often the more environmentally friendly option – and it’s no different when it comes to wooden pallets. Reconditioned wooden pallets are the more affordable option too – but it’s important to only buy recycled pallets from a trusted pallet vendor.

Used wooden pallets can be repaired and restored to a usable condition although the specification cannot be guaranteed. 

At Somerlap, we pride ourselves on our reconditioned pallets service. Our knowledgeable staff sort and repair each pallet we receive for reconditioning into different grades. These grades are:

Grade A (or 1) Recycled Pallets

These pallets look the best on the surface, although the wood will show a bit of wear and discolouration as it oxidises and ages. Grade A pallets have been used fewer times, and so are generally of a more consistent quality than lower grade recycled pallets.

Grade B (or 2) Recycled Pallets

The wood of Grade B pallets is more worn and discoloured. Whilst they might not as aesthetically pleasing as Grade A recycled pallets, Grade B pallets are still strong and durable.

Whether new or reconditioned, Somerlap cater to all your pallet needs

Somerlap have been manufacturing and restoring wooden pallets for over 40 years. We offer a completely free pallet design proposal service: we’ll quote for your specific pallet requirements at no extra cost. We practise efficient, sustainable production methods that provide a quick turnaround and excellent results on any pallet design.

Contact us for more information or a pallet quote, and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.

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