What is a pallet collar and why should you use them?

When used in combination with pallets, a pallet collar can help keep goods safe and protected during transportation. But what exactly are pallet collars and what are the benefits of using them? Read on to find out more.

What is a pallet collar?

Our wooden pallet collars are made from 22mm thick timber held together using galvanised steel hinges. Placed on top of a pallet, they transform a standard pallet into a secure, box-like structure.

Pallet collars require no assembly – they slot easily on top of a pallet and can be stacked, maximising your storage capacity. When not needed, pallet collars can be collapsed and stored simply.

What are the benefits of using a pallet collar?

There are numerous benefits to using pallet collars alongside timber pallets.

Space saving

Wooden pallet collars essentially turn a pallet into a wooden storage box. Whether you’re transporting goods or storing them in a warehouse, by using pallets collars you will be able to store much more. Pallet collars protect the goods they contain, and can be stacked on top of each other to make maximum use of your available space.

Pallet collars are also hinged, and can be collapsed and stored out of the way when not in use.

Protect your pallets and goods

Using a pallet collar protects your wooden pallets and the goods inside them, significantly reducing the risk of damage in transit.

Once you have added one pallet collar, you can add more – perfect for increasing the height of any pallet crate if needed to protect certain goods.

Save money

Pallets collars enable you to pack the goods on your pallets more efficiently, so you can transport more using less pallets – reducing your shipping costs and saving your business money.

Pallet collars also protect your pallets and goods, reducing damage and saving you money that might otherwise have been spent on pallets replacement and repair costs.

Somerlap Pallets can help with all your pallet collar needs

If you need to stock up on pallet collars, pallet crates, pallet racking timber, and more, Somerlap Pallets can help. Get in touch today, and our member of our friendly team will assist with all your pallet buying needs.

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