What are the benefits of a heat treated pallet?

If you’re in the market for wooden pallets, it’s important to know what kind of pallets are best suited to your needs. Understanding the difference between heat treated and kiln dried wood helps to inform this decision.

What is the difference between heat treated and kiln dried pallets?

At Somerlap Pallets, there are two types of timber treatment we use to treat our wooden pallets.

Kiln drying involves heating wood in a kiln to reduce the moisture content of the timber. The timber remains in the kiln for at least 3 days, until the moisture content of the wood has been reduced to below 15%. This will also make the wooden pallets lighter and therefore cheaper to transport. As the pallet ages, the chance of the wood discolouring is also reduced.

We also heat treat our pallets, a process which involves heating our wood packaging in an onsite kiln for approximately 3 hours. We have to ensure the core temperature of the wood reaches a minimum of 56°C for at least 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of heat treating wooden pallets?

Suitable for export

Heat treated wooden pallets meet the ISPM15 regulations, so they are suitable to be used for export. ISPM15 guidelines stipulate that all wooden forms of packaging have to be heat treated at a specific temperature and for a specific duration of time.

This industry standard for wooden pallets was established to prevent pests and diseases from being spread around the world. Heat treating kills any parasites and diseases that might be lurking in untreated timber – and ensures these pests won’t be introduced to other countries during shipping.

Heat treated pallets are stamped with an authentication mark that is internationally recognised to prove the timber is free from infestation.

Increases durability and lifespan

Wooden pallets that have been heat treated are also far more durable than untreated pallets. They are safe to use in wet or humid environments, and less likely to sustain damage during transportation – protecting the integrity of whatever goods they are being used to ship.

The heat treatment process strengthens the timber of the pallet, making it far more resistant to rot. This increases the lifespan of heat treated wooden pallets, meaning it can be used for many years to come without replacement. Heat treated wooden pallets often last for up to ten years, and can then be recycled and used again.

Safer and cheaper to ship

Although kiln drying removes more moisture than heat treating, the moisture content of heat treated pallets is still significantly reduced. This makes the pallets lighter and therefore cheaper to transport.

Heat treated pallets are also less flammable than untreated pallets, reducing the risk of fire during transportation and wherever you store your pallets.

In need of heat treated wooden pallets?

If you require heat treated wooden pallets, Somerlap Pallets have got you covered. We also supply new pallets, reconditioned pallets, pallet crates, pallet collars, and many other forms of wooden packaging. Get in touch today, and we’ll help you fulfil any pallet requirements. 

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