Think timber pallets are just for storage? Think again...

Somerlap timber-pallets used as desks

Timber pallets being used as desks during a pallet manufacturing show in Germany.

Somerlap Pallets supply timber pallets to companies across the UK – it’s what our business was built on. But we’ve also discovered other creative uses for them and that our pallets are being used as patio furniture, as part of a village hall and even walls for a restaurant in the Olympic Village.

Pallets are so versatile

We noticed a growing interest in using the versatile timber pallets for other purposes and decided to design and produce our own range of pallet furniture, which is available from our showroom in Mark, Somerset. We even supply the cushions which are made for us by a local supplier and our pallets have also been used in restaurants and bars.

Our latest discovery is timber pallets being used as desk space. Managing Director Kevin Bond and Production Director Steve Fraser made the discovery in Germany while attending a pallet manufacturing show. We think it’s a simple and effective way to recycle used timber pallets and give an office a different look.

How do you use yours?

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