Timber pallets delivered when you need them most

Timber pallets deliveredHere at Somerlap, ensuring that the customer is happy is one of our primary goals. We do everything we can to make sure your business runs smoothly – whether that’s getting your timber pallets delivered the same day or going the extra mile to help.

Timber pallets delivered the same day

Recently one of our long standing customers of over twenty years contacted us with an urgent request.

At 6am we received a phone call to say they had ran out of reconditioned pallets and could we help. As this particular customer is over four hours away, we normally only supply them with new pallets (they use local suppliers for their reconditioned pallets).

They needed reconditioned pallets as a matter of urgency, because their local suppliers were unable to help. We quickly rearranged the Somerlap loads for that day, ensuring everyone who had orders still got their deliveries as promised. One of our engineers was dispatched ASAP with a full load of timber pallets for the customer. The order came through at 6am and the customer received their order by 2pm the same day.

Putting our customers first

We’ve worked hard to structure our business to ensure that we can always deliver – even at short notice. We have the capacity, resource and expertise to deliver what you need, when you need it.  

Ensuring a customer is always satisfied with our service is one of our main priorities (even if this means a little extra work for our staff). All staff at Somerlap Pallets are willing to chip in to achieve the end goal: to keep our customers happy. This flexible approach means that Somerlap Pallets can meet last minute requests without disrupting our regular business.

Trusted by local businesses

We have long standing relationships with many of our customers. Businesses who have worked with us for a long time know they can rely on us to deliver what they need, when they need it.

Just last week we helped a local business at short notice. The company had already placed an order, but they’d had an unexpected and large run on production and needed a full artic load of pallets as a matter of urgency – the next day if possible. Once again the daily rosta was rearranged to accommodate the rush job and we were able to get the pallets to them first thing the next day. All our other customer orders were delivered as normal: complete and on time.

The Managing Director thanked the Somerlap team for going the extra mile and getting them out of a very tricky (and potentially costly) situation.   

Looking for a pallet company you can rely on?

If your business needs timber pallets delivered in a hurry, contact us and we’ll do our very best to help.

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