Save money and help save the planet with our wood waste recycling service

At Somerlap Pallets, we know that wood is the ultimate renewable material. Most types of wood can be recycled and reused to create new, useful products. We are always looking for new, sustainable ways to recycle and reuse old pallets and waste wood. As part of our day-to-day operations, we offer pallet repair and recycling services.

Benefits of recycling waste wood

Converting waste wood back into valuable new resources diverts material away from landfill. This not only saves your business money by reducing disposal costs (which have significantly increased in recent years), it also improves your carbon footprint. If you’ve set yourself the target of going greener as a business, recycling wood will help you meet this promise.

Recycling wood costs far less than disposing it, and preserves wood as a natural resource. It follows that the more waste wood we recycle, the less trees have to be felled. The preservation and growth of trees is also essential to combatting global warming.

Getting rid of your waste wood rather than leaving it lying around also reduces the potential fire risks for your business.

Pallet recycling with Somerlap Pallets

If you have a pile of unwanted pallets, we can come and collect them for you. Depending on their condition, we can either take your unwanted pallets away to be repaired and reused, or recycle them in our wood chipper. The recycled wood chip we produce is then used to power our workshop heating and onsite kiln, which we use to heat-treat European pallets to comply with ISPM15 regulations.

Somerlap Pallets have been doing this for over 25 years, and chip up to 30 tonnes of recycled timber every week.

What happens to your unwanted pallets:

  • If your pallets are in fairly good condition, we’ll repair and resell them as reconditioned pallets.
  • If your pallets are beyond repair, approximately 30% will be turned into recycled woodchip. This will be used on site to produce heat for our timber drying kiln and workshop heating. The rest is sold as wood fuel and animal bedding, plus a little for ground cover use.

We also recycle all the plastic sheeting that protects each pack of timber, plus all the nails that are removed from old pallets. Even this can add up to one tonne every month.

Our other green initiatives

At Somerlap Pallets, we’re always looking into ways we can make ourselves even more eco-friendly as a business. We switched to F&S Energy, an energy provider who only use renewable energy sources. This tied in with our other plan to install a battery pack and use any surplus energy from our solar panels to power our site – further reducing the energy we use as a business.

We also run three electric cars and an electric van. Electric vehicles emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel vehicles. We are also researching alternatives to replace our larger diesel vehicles.

Want to get rid of your unwanted pallets and help the planet? We can help

If your unwanted pallets are stacking up, Somerlap Pallets are here to help. Contact us today, and a member of our friendly team will help arrange your waste wood collection.

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