Somerlap invests in new wood chipping machine for growth in renewable energy

Somerlap invest in new wood chipping machineSomerlap Pallets have installed a new wood chipping machine, which will make the company even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The new wood chipping machine, weighing 14,500kg and capable of producing 3,000kg of wood chip per hour, is significantly more efficient. It can chip much larger timber pallets, as well wooden cable reels and old timber fencing. Sourced in the UK, the wood chipping machine will help Somerlap Pallets keep up with an ever-increasing demand for renewable energy sources (biomass fuel). It will also shorten production and lead times, which means we can provide an even better, more cost-effective service for our customers, such as Ecochipp and Chase Distillery.

Somerlap Pallets have offered a pallet collection service for many years. A good proportion of these timber pallets are repaired and resold. Those that cannot be repaired are turned into woodchip, which is then used as a form of fuel. The new wood chipping machine will increase the number and size of pallets that can be turned into this renewable energy, and will also be able to take larger items such as wooden crates.

New wood chipping machine will benefit the customer

Kevin Bond, Managing Director of Somerlap Pallets, commmented; “Demand for renewable energy is increasing and we need to keep pace with demand, both in terms of the volume and type of wooden items which customers return to us. By investing in this new wood chipping machine we are ensuring that Somerlap is prepared for current and future demand.”  

One key feature of the wood chipping process is a large magnet that is used to extract the metal elements once used to hold the pallets together. This scrap metal (often amounting to over 10 tonnes a year) is also recycled, making the enrire process even more environmentally friendly.

Many of our timber pallets are made by hand (particularly short run and bespoke orders), so the health and safety of our Somerlap Pallets production team is paramount. We have recently added motorised scissor lifts to our our semi-automatic pallet lines. The lifts raise the pallet components from the ground, reducing back strain and potential personal injury. The scissor lifts also increase the efficiency of the production line, which results in reduced lead times, increased productivity and speed of output.

New wood chipping machine for Somerlap Pallets

The new wood chipping machine (left) and the labour-saving, motorised scissor lifts (middle and right) will increase Somerlap Pallets’ lead times, production and output.

Can Somerlap Pallets help your business?

If you want to discuss buying woodchip in bulk, or have any timber pallet needs, contact us for a free quote. We’ve been manufacturing timber pallets for over 30 years’ and our experience means we can suggest the best and most cost-effective designs, for both UK use and for export. Our knowledgable staff are always on hand to help and advise on design, manufacturing and materials.


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