My pallets need repairing, can you help?

A pallet being repaired

Pallets are an important part of your supply chain and when looked after properly will last you for years. Occasionally however wooden pallets can become damaged after repeated use and when this happens our pallet repair service is here to get them fixed professionally and back on the road.

Recycling your pallets has multiple advantages for your business, not to mention the impact on the local environment.

The benefits of pallet repair on your business

  • Cost effectiveness. By recycling your pallets you can make cost savings by reducing the need to purchase new stock. Refurbishing and reconditioning your pallets is simply one of the best ways to save money in the long term.
  • Stock availability. Keeping a supply of readily available refurbished pallets means that you’ll have them ready-to-go as and when they’re needed. Ultimately this helps to eliminate downtime through the supply chain.

Benefits to the environment

  • Reduction in waste and landfill. Pallets that are disposed of instead of being repaired fill up landfill sites and impact on available space.
  • Improved resources. Reused or repurposed pallets have a longer lifespan, which reduces the resources needed to make new ones.
  • Biodegradability. Pallets are naturally biodegradable so at the end of their lifecycle they can be composted or turned into wood chips for energy production, as we do here at Somerlap. This reduces the load at landfill sites.
  • Renewable materials. Wooden pallets that are made from renewable materials making them an environmentally friendly option.

Pallet repair for a better environment

You can make a real difference by recycling wooden pallets when you repair or dispose of them in a responsible way, by doing this you’re able to:

  • Minimise deforestation
  • Reduce waste disposal
  • Lower landfill site waste
  • Produce renewable energy

Our pallet repair service

Experienced pallet repair staff

At Somerlap we repair around 10,000 pallets every week in our workshops. Our skilled workshop staff are on hand to make your broken pallets useful again. We use as much reclaimed timber as possible and where necessary, new timber to repair and recondition your pallets.

We collect and deliver

Another benefit we offer is that we’re able to pick-up your pallets for repair and drop them back again afterwards, making our pallet repair service simple and easy to use for your business.

Need pallets? Look no further than Somerlap Pallets

If you’re in need of a pallet supplier you can trust, Somerlap Pallets can help. Alongside our new wooden pallets and reconditioned wooden pallets, we stock pallet collars, pallet cratespallet racking timber, and more

Contact us today for help with any and all pallet enquiries.

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