Is MDF sustainable?

Lorry full of MDF

MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard. It has become a very popular building and construction material with a wide variety of uses. From doors and cupboards, to flooring, furniture, and shelves, the versatility of MDF is unparalleled.

But the key question is: is MDF sustainable? Read on to find out more.

What is MDF used for?

MDF has become an incredibly popular building material. With its unique, woody aesthetic and extreme versatility, MDF has a wide range of uses both in construction and in interior home furnishing.

A cheap yet high quality building material, MDF has a smooth and paintable surface, so it’s simple to personalise and adapt to suit many different purposes.

How sustainable is MDF?

MDF is made primarily out of wood fibre, wood shavings, sawdust – in essence, many portions of wood that are normally thrown away as byproducts can be recycled into producing MDF panelling sheets.

So, from the moment it is made, MDF is sustainable. It reduces wood waste and means that a larger amount of useful products are created from a fewer number of trees.

MDF is also renowned for being high quality and cheap. It’s affordability makes it a highly cost effective solution for construction projects, encouraging consumers to purchase a sustainable product.

Is MDF recyclable?

Once it’s been created, MDF cannot be recycled. However, as mentioned above, MDF is made entirely from recycled wood materials – so its production is in fact benefitting the environment and reducing the strain on our timber resources.

The further good news is that MDF is also a biodegradable material. It’s still a sturdy, long-lasting building material, but – when exposed to the right conditions – it will decompose quickly without taking up lots of space in landfill.

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