How long do wooden pallets last?

Stacks of wooden pallets and a forklift truck

Incredibly sustainable and durable, wooden pallets are used for a variety of different purposes. This can directly affect the lifespan of a wooden pallet and how long it will last.

Read on to find out more about the different uses wooden pallets can be put to, and how long you can expect them to last.

The lifespan of different pallet types

New wooden pallets

Highly reusable and incredibly cost-effective, if treated with care new pallets can last up to five years of regular use. At Somerlap Pallets, we manufacture a broad range of pallets, both standard and bespoke.

A purpose-built pallet that’s designed with its end use in mind will be specifically made to perform the job it is needed for, and likely to last longer as a result.

Reconditioned wooden pallets

One of the things that makes wooden pallets so sustainable is the fact that they can be continually recycled and used to make new pallets. At Somerlap Pallets, we repair and recondition old and damaged wooden pallets.

Reconditioned pallets are cheaper to buy and an ideal choice for businesses looking for a sustainable pallet solution. Reconditioned wooden pallets purchased from a trusted, professional pallet supplier – like us – are constructed to meet high standards, and as solidly built as a brand new timber pallet.

Heat-treated wooden pallets

We supply heat-treated wooden pallets that meet ISPM 15 regulations – meaning they are suitable for international shipping.

Though the main reason for heat treating a pallet is to kill any pests and diseases in the timber, heat treatment has the added effect of increasing a pallet’s weather resistance and durability.

How to prolong the lifespan of wooden pallets

There are several simple things you can do to maximise the lifespan of your wooden pallets and ensure they last as long as they should:

  • Store your wooden pallets off the ground to reduce the risk of damp and wood rot. Ensure there is plenty of airflow around your pallets.
  • Rotate your stock as frequently as you can. Though wooden pallets can withstand rain and sun exposure for a time, extended periods in exposed weather conditions can also lead to wood rot.
  • Every few months, move your wooden pallets around to ensure they don’t rot.

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