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Bespoke palletsAs well as our standard designs, Somerlap Pallets are able to design and manufacture bespoke pallets that meet our customers specific needs. We recently created some new ‘heavy duty’ timber pallets for a long standing customer. They explained that the load weight on the pallets we were already supplying was going to be significantly increased and that a more robust solution was needed.

Bespoke design

A combination of in-house expertise and investment in software means that we are able to create new, prototype pallet designs very quickly. On this occasion Somerlap Pallets Production Manager Bert, was able to run several prototype designs through our design software almost immediately. Using his years of expertise, Bert came up with a solution that would allow our customer to double their load weight if needed.

Fast, competitive quote

At Somerlap Pallets we strive to solve our customers’ problems as quickly as possible. In this instance, we were able to provide a solution and deliver a quote within an hour. In addition to the quote we also supplied:

  • Timber pallet design drawing.
  • Technical specification, including structural analysis with maximum load bearing.
Bespoke pallets from Somerlap

The sample of the bespoke ‘heavy duty’ timber pallet

Sample pallet made and delivered

If needed, we can make up and deliver a sample timber pallet in less than a week. The picture shows the sample pallet that was sent to the customer. Happily, they were delighted with the new style bespoke pallets and have since placed a significant order. Our client also benefits from our ‘stock call off’ service – meaning they don’t have to store pallets on the business premises, saving valuable space.

Looking for bespoke pallets?

Contact us with your requirements for bespoke timber pallets and a fast, free quote. 

We’ve been manufacturing timber pallets for over 30 years’ and our experience enables us to suggest the best and most cost-effective designs. Our knowledgable staff are always on hand to help and advise on design, manufacturing and materials.

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